County is situated in the South-West of Romania, on both sides of the lower course of the river Jiu.

It covers an area of 7.414 km2, with a population of 687.186 inhabitants (on July 2019). It ranks among the most important counties

of Romania and it belongs to the South – West Region which covers entirely the historical province of Oltenia.



Its name, Dolj (that is “the lower Jiu” of Doljiu) comes from the Slav word Dolii (low) and Jiu – the name of the river that runs through this beautiful lowland like an axis.

To the South, the county borders on the Danube (along 150 km), Romania’s natural border with Bulgaria. The vast water meadow of the Danube is Romania’s

lowest relief (25-30 m above sea level), in which the country’s widest dunes are to be found as well as a great number of lakes. The outlying extremities of the Getic Plateau,

200-300 m high, stretch in the northern part of the county. The relief of the county is not too varied, yet neither is it monotonous.